Snow Day Formula

Version 2.2 of our homemade Snowday Chance Formula.
Copyright 2011-2012 The Weather Centre
How it Works:
Each question has points- 1, 2, 3 or 4. The more points you have at the end indicates a higher likelihood of a snow day.
Question 1: When will it be snowing?
1. After 9:00 AM
2. After 3:00 PM
3. After 9:00 PM
4. After 3:00 AM
Question 2: How Windy will it be? (OPTIONAL Factor, does not need to be included if it is not windy)
1. Calm.
2. 1-5 MPH
3. 5-10 MPH
4. 10-15+ MPH
Question 3: How Much Snow will fall?
1. 1-3 inches
2. 3-6 inches
3. 6-12 inches
4. 12+ inches
Question 4: Will the snow be wet or heavy?
2. Very Light, Powdery
3. Average
4. Very Heavy
Question 5: How Many Snow Days have you had this year?
1. Over 4.
2. 3-4
3. 1-3
4. 0
Question 6: Have you had snow days in the past?
1. No
2. Not Many
3. Some
4. A Lot (3 or more a year)
Question 7: How is the storm being hyped?
1. No one is talking about it.
2. Hearing talk among people.
3. News is talking about it.
4. Everyone is talking about it.
Will You Have a Snow Day?
24-28 points: Probably/Likely.
19-24 points: Chance.
14-19 points: Small Chance.
8-14 points: Not Likely.
•Do not use for lake effect snow.
•This is just a formula and is not 100% accurate.
•Do not use if your area does not often get snow (i.e. Southern US).
•Wind is an option. If it will snow heavily but with no wind, that does not mean you will not get a snowday.

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