>Severe weather threat diminishes for April 10 Severe Weather Event: Part 2


For the link to the first post, click here.

Despite the threat being lowered, there is still concern over many areas of the US.
The SPC finally issued today’s threat maps, and now we will look at them. First is the overall threat.

We see a moderate risk extending over much of the state of Wisconsin, as well as into Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. Extreme Northwest IL will also be in that threat.
A slight risk for severe storms exists over the Midwest, West Great Lakes, Michigan, Much of Missouri, Arkansas. Included is Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma.

The first threat box to look at will be the risk for hail. As we can see, despite the lowered risk, an elevated risk of severe weather exists across the Western Great Lakes and Midwest. However, the highest risk is definitely inside Wisconsin and the moderate risk area. It is questionable whether hail risk alone caused the moderate risk issuance. This is due to the tornado threat, which we will look at next.

It would appear that the 15% risk of a tornado 25 miles within any given point warranted a moderate risk, as well as the 45% chance of hail.
Once again, an elevated risk exists in the Western Great Lakes as a whole.

The final image above is the high wind threat. That elevated risk area extends southward, indicating the expected squall line would have a risk of damaging winds everywhere it goes.

The third and final post on this diminishing threat will be posted in a link on this post.
Click here for Part 3.

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