>IMMEDIATE BROADCAST: April 9 Severe Weather


The Storm Prediction Center has updated the Upper Midwest severe weather outlook to MODERATE in some areas.
This comes as a low pressure ejects from the Rockies.

The first image is for the overall risk. As we can see, there is a pronounced risk of Moderate Risk area over the Plains into Upper Midwest region. The question is, what caused this?

The answer is, the risk of hail in the image above. With hail risk at 45% that is when Moderate Risk areas are introduced. Moderate areas can be introduced by combining parameters, but it looks like hail was the instigator.
The next image we will view is the tornado risk.

We can see the tornado risk isn’t very high except for, again the Northern Plains into the Upper Midwest. However, that threat, though high, is localized, which is good for the welfare of the general public as well as storm chasers.
Judging by the threat above, it seems possible that a small squall line could begin to develop leading into tomorrow.

The last image is the damaging wind threat. This is one where the Moderate Risk area was left out. Instead, the primary threat settled over the Appalachians heading towards the Eastern Seaboard.

All in all, it appears that there will be a threat for some strong severe weather in the Northern Plains east into the Upper Midwest, with the primary threat being hail with localized tornado threats.

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