>April 2, 2011: 5-Day Forecast

Tomorrow will be the beginning of the severe weather outbreak. Tomorrow’s outbreak will occur in the Plains into the Midwest. Warm air will eject into the Plains from the Gulf and Mexico regions. As that warm front moves east ward, a cold front will drop to create a squall line and/or multi-cell storm cluster. The lower level jet stream will pump warm, humid air into the Plains and Midwest. The low level jet is nocturnal, so strong storms can be expected to continue, if not strengthen, over night.
A snowstorm will accompany the system on the US/Canada border.

The severe storms will continue across the US, hitting the Ohio Valley and Southeast before trailing into the Atlantic Seaboard and off to sea.
The snowstorm will be a multi-day event and continue through the border.

There is some interest in the period of April 6-7 of potential storms, but that is too long range.

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