>March 25 Severe Weather Update 7:08pm

>According to recent infrared imagery, cloud cover is deepening over the projected severe weather area in South Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma.
Radar does not indicate any precipitation is currently falling, but it does appear updrafts of humid air into the atmosphere, creating clouds are beginning to occur.
Thus, The Weather Centre is issuing a discussion image.

Recent upper-air returns also indicate humidity values are extremely abundant throughout the area noted, and precipitation that falls will be fed nicely with the moisture.
Effective Bulk Shear is in the 50-55 knot range, when supercell favoring environments begin at 25-40 knots.
However, 300 millibar upper air maps are showing fairly low winds. (300 mb winds, when above 100 knots on a map, can indicate storm development.) The maximum winds currently occurring over the above area are between 70-110 knots. However, the outlined area is on the edge of those winds, likely putting that area in the 70-90 knot area.
Overall, some ingredients are not in place for storms.

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