>March 22 Forecast Discussion


Low pressure will be moving east into the Ohio Valley with a warm front and trailing cold front. The cold front will definitely be the maker of the severe storms expected tomorrow over the Ohio Valley. The warm front will be dragging warm and humid air into that area from the Florida section of the US.
Additionally, with a defined warm front area, storms will be likely across the cutoff of the warm front on the East Great Lakes.
Cold air will be dragged down from Canada following the cold front and storms. The cold air will try to wrap around the low pressure but will run into the stronger force of the warm air. I would not be surprised to see some storms develop in those areas as well.
High pressure in the Rockies will keep that area high and dry, however low pressure off the Northwest coast will keep some areas wet and cloudy, a common climate for that area.
Intense blizzard across the Upper Midwest will move off and go into the Eastern Great Lakes.

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