>March 21 Severe Weather Event- Happening Now

>This is a statement concerning today’s severe weather event.

SPC Outlooks indicate there will be some portions of slight risk areas in the US today, especially in the middle of the plains.
Below is an image of that risk.

We definitely see a severe weather risk over the Ohio Valley and a portion of the Plains. We do not expect these storms to be in a squall line, likely either a bunch of pop up storms or a multi-cell storm complex in the Plains area, and likely weakening storms out east in the Ohio Valley.
Below are specific risks of severe weather. The images go in order: Hail, Tornado, High Winds.

Based on those risks, it would appear that the Ohio Valley does have a more significant threat for wind based severe thunderstorms, such as tornadic storms or damaging winds.
The Plains are in their own slight risk due to a risk of hail. That would imply strong lifting is occurring in the atmosphere, which can make the atmosphere very unstable.

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