>Weather Explained: Shift in Earth’s axis

>(Note: The Earth’s axis shifted 4 inches from the March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami)

So the axis shifted. Will the weather go crazy now?
No. Not at all. 4 inches compared to the Earth is incredibly small. Any changes would be unrecognizable to the human eye or experience (wind, rain, etc.)
For the weather to go crazy, the Earth has to pretty much turn upside down or shift an incredible amount more than 4 inches.
My weather seems to be different than forecasted. Is this due to the shift?
No. Meteorologists are not prophets, and likely never will be. It is expected for the temperature to be slightly different than forecasted or rain to occur even if it wasn’t forecasted. Recently, Chicago had bands of heavy lake effect snow that weathermen did not forecast.
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