>Weather Explained: Pacific Ring of Fire


What is the ‘Ring of Fire’, and where is it?
The Ring of Fire is the edge of the Pacific tectonic plate. On those edges, other tectonic plates rub against each other. The earth is pushed up or down. Volcanoes are formed on the edge of this Pacific Tectonic Plate.
The Ring of Fire are the volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Below is an image of the Ring of Fire.
Image from the USGS.
The red area are the edges of the tectonic plates.
Why is it called the ‘Ring of Fire’?
Volcanoes produce fire and lava, and with so many volcanoes surrounding the Pacific tectonic plate in an awkward circle-like formation, it became known as the Ring of Fire.
Are these volcanoes active?
Some are very active, while others are dormant. Mount St. Helens in Washington State, US is included in this Ring of Fire.
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