>Preliminary Tsunami Reports


GAUGE LOCATION        LAT   LON    TIME        Wave Heights        PER  BITUNG ID             0.4N 125.2E  1727Z   0.26M /  0.8FT  26MIN  ACAPULCO MX          16.8N  99.9W  2117Z   0.65M /  2.1FT  56MIN  SANTA BARBARA CA     34.4N 119.7W  2041Z   0.76M /  2.5FT  10MIN  MANZANILLO MX        19.1N 104.3W  2037Z   1.25M /  4.1FT  32MIN  CABO SAN LUCAS MX    22.9N 109.9W  1906Z   0.22M /  0.7FT  10MIN  LANGARA POINT BC     54.2N 133.1W  1539Z   0.52M /  1.7FT  26MIN  RIKITEA PF           23.1S 135.0W  2014Z   0.21M /  0.7FT  30MIN  RANGIROA PF          14.9S 147.7W  1822Z   0.29M /  0.9FT  08MIN  LOTTIN PT NZ         37.6S 178.2E  1839Z   0.23M /  0.7FT  20MIN  NORTH CAPE NZ        34.4S 173.0E  1846Z   0.23M /  0.8FT  32MIN  PAPEETE TAHITI       17.5S 149.6W  1822Z   0.39M /  1.3FT  26MIN  SUBIC BAY PH         14.8N 120.3E  1517Z   0.07M /  0.2FT  54MIN  HONIARA SB            9.4S 160.0E  1436Z   0.26M /  0.8FT  50MIN  NUKU HIVA MARQUESAS   8.9S 140.1W  1824Z   1.48M /  4.8FT  14MIN  NUKUALOFA TO         21.1S 175.2W  1751Z   0.37M /  1.2FT  30MIN  RAROTONGA CK         21.2S 159.8W  1813Z   0.29M /  1.0FT  08MIN  WINTER HARBOUR BC    50.7N 128.3W  1505Z   0.47M /  1.5FT  30MIN  FISHING ROCK RAOUL   29.3S 177.9W  1733Z   0.09M /  0.3FT  20MIN  PORT SAN LUIS CA     35.2N 120.8W  1654Z   1.88M /  6.2FT  22MIN  CRESCENT CITY CA     41.7N 124.2W  1657Z   2.02M /  6.6FT  20MIN  VANUATU              17.8S 168.3E  1542Z   0.69M /  2.3FT  22MIN  LUGANVILLE VU        15.5S 167.2E  1537Z   0.54M /  1.8FT  54MIN  LAUTOKA FJ           17.6S 177.4E  1545Z   0.33M /  1.1FT  76MIN  CHARLESTON OR        43.3N 124.3W  1545Z   0.49M /  1.6FT  24MIN  NORTH SPIT HUMBOLDT  40.8N 124.2W  1553Z   0.54M /  1.8FT  26MIN  KAUMALAPAU HAWAII    20.8N 156.9W  1531Z   0.91M /  3.0FT  06MIN  LOMBRUM MANUS IS PG   2.0S 147.4E  1529Z   1.04M /  3.4FT  62MIN  PAGO PAGO AS         14.3S 170.7W  1556Z   0.34M /  1.1FT  16MIN  ARENA COVE CA        38.9N 123.7W  1540Z   0.82M /  2.7FT  22MIN  PORT ORFORD OR       42.7N 124.5W  1534Z   0.52M /  1.7FT  16MIN  MANUS PG              2.0S 147.4E  1425Z   0.93M /  3.1FT  34MIN  HONOLULU OAHU        21.3N 157.9W  1410Z   0.71M /  2.3FT  32MIN  KANTON KI             2.8S 171.7W  1425Z   0.05M /  0.2FT  10MIN  CHRISTMAS KI          2.0N 157.5W  1447Z   0.56M /  1.9FT  52MIN  KAWAIHAE HAWAII      20.0N 155.8W  1413Z   1.22M /  4.0FT  14MIN  HILO HAWAII          19.7N 155.1W  1409Z   1.41M /  4.6FT  36MIN  BETIO TARAWA KI       1.4N 172.9E  1225Z   0.21M /  0.7FT  24MIN  NAURU                 0.5S 166.9E  1156Z   0.20M /  0.7FT  24MIN  NAWILIWILI KAUAI     22.0N 159.4W  1343Z   0.76M /  2.5FT  12MIN  DART 51407           19.6N 156.5W  1337Z   0.15M /  0.5FT  14MIN  KAHULUI MAUI         20.9N 156.5W  1327Z   1.74M /  5.7FT  52MIN  BARBERS PT HI        21.3N 158.1W  1308Z   0.70M /  2.3FT  64MIN  TERN FR. FRIGATE US  23.9N 166.3W  1224Z   0.38M /  1.2FT  16MIN  JOHNSTON US          16.7N 169.5W  1206Z   0.20M /  0.7FT  72MIN  DART 52402           11.7N 154.2E  0931Z   0.29M /  0.9FT  22MIN  DART 46403           52.7N 156.9W  1127Z   0.09M /  0.3FT  60MIN  LEGASPI PH           13.1N 123.8E  1116Z   0.25M /  0.8FT  58MIN  KWAJALEIN MH          8.7N 167.7E  1111Z   0.55M /  1.8FT  48MIN  NIKOLSKI AK          52.9N 168.9W  1109Z   0.27M /  0.9FT  64MIN  HANASAKI HOKKAIDO J  43.3N 145.6E  0656Z   1.83M /  6.0FT  24MIN  MIDWAY               28.2N 177.4W  1048Z   1.27M /  4.2FT  12MIN  TOSASHIMIZU SHIKOKU  32.8N 133.0E  0946Z   0.84M /  2.8FT  28MIN  ADAK AK              51.9N 176.6W  1034Z   0.35M /  1.2FT  22MIN  YAP FM                9.5N 138.1E  1013Z   0.15M /  0.5FT  88MIN  DART 21415           50.2N 171.8E  0845Z   0.27M /  0.9FT  52MIN  WAKE US              19.3N 166.6E  0928Z   0.39M /  1.3FT  14MIN  NAHA OKINAWA JP      26.2N 127.7E  0901Z   0.25M /  0.8FT  60MIN  SAIPAN US            15.2N 145.7E  0916Z   0.65M /  2.1FT  30MIN  OMAEZAKI HONSHU JP   34.6N 138.2E  0818Z   1.42M /  4.6FT  56MIN  DART 21419           44.5N 155.7E  0716Z   0.40M /  1.3FT  20MIN  DART 21413           30.5N 152.1E  0659Z   0.76M /  2.5FT  32MIN  DART 21401           42.6N 152.6E  0643Z   0.67M /  2.2FT  40MIN  DART 21418           38.7N 148.7E  0619Z   1.08M /  3.5FT  06MIN 

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