>2011 Canada Spring Forecast


This is the 2011 Canadian Spring Forecast.
Edited February 26.
This spring will be cooler in many regions as La Nina continues throughout the region, but others will experience warmer than normal conditions. I have outlined the specific areas below.
I do believe that, as spring wears on, people in Southern Canada will experience warmer than normal conditions, as well as infrequent heat waves, pushing temperatures as high as the low 70’s in places.
There is forecast concern of the area by Alaska, where temperatures may actually be more warm than cooler, but I do predict that at least some of the area outlined in cooler conditions will get overall cooler conditions.
Precipitation-Wise, I believe storms will continue to affect the area, pushing the precipitation above normal in many areas.
However, the southern Canada areas mentioned in the heavy snowfall for this winter was due to a pattern in the US. That pattern is predicted to break down. Due to that, the precipitation outlook may look odd to people in Southern Canada. See the image below.
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