>Potential for Midwest Winter Storm as the Big Thaw’s end is in Sight.

>The Big Thaw is expected to wane down into next week, with temperatures skimming down to the 30’s once again in the Midwest.

With that cooldown comes the chance for a storm.
Several, actually.
The first one is what we will concentrate on right now.
ECMWF- .57 QPF, all snow for Chicago. ECMWF is currently listed as SOUTH in the way of storm tracks.
GFS- The GFS is currently listed as NORTH.
NOGAPS- The NOGAPS is having a SOUTH track.
CMC (GEM)- The CMC appears to be aiming for a north track but the thickness line isn’t nearly as far up as it was with the GFS. The CMC is currently an UNDETERMINED track.
DGEX- The DGEX is taking a NORTH track.
GFS Ensemble- 3/12 show the storm taking a direct hit NORTH. However, 9/12 show the storm impacting North Illinois hard as well. UNDETERMINED.
CONSENSUS- North track is favorable ATTM, but ECMWF may easily change that.
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