>Special Analysis Feb. 1-3 Storm


Below is a BUFKIT.

The measure on the left is if you melted all the snow expected, that is how many inches of water would come to. Multiply that number by 12 to get the expected snowfall.
The above is for Chicago. You can see how high the expected QPF is, leading to approximately 14-18”.
Below is a more significant image. It is forecast snowfall from the recent 18z GFS run. Notice how much snow falls over the South Great Lakes.
While these amounts may seem ridiculous, remember that the GFS model has been very consistent in the past at least 4 runs, making it the most consistent model of this storm.

The GFS and ECMWF, both the 2 heavy-hitter models, are north, while the NAM/WRF/GEM models are taking a southern track.
The UKMET model is dead in the middle.
Because the GFS/ECMWF models are the big models, I will take a mix of that and UKMET.
A special page is being set up for this storm.
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