>Rest Of The 2010-2011 Winter Forecast


Looks like we’re close to the half-way point in winter, and The Weather Centre is here to bring you the rest of winter forecast.

The CPC and Accuweather have given a good look at what can be expected for the rest of winter. Combined with typical La Nina conditions, this should be a fairly accurate forecast.
Below is The Weather Centre’s forecast for the rest of winter.
Cold and snowy conditions should remain for the rest of this winter across the Great Lakes, Midwest. I stretched it a bit south due to the risk of farther stretching storms as we have seen this winter.
I did keep the warm, dry section in place.
For the Southeast, occasional cooler periods can be expected due to the proximity to the Midwest and Great Lakes.
Arctic outbreaks may become more frequent as the winter lags on, also bringing that cooler period risk to justice.
Of concern is in the Northeast, where I did place the risk for more winter storms in the event of more big, strong winter storms.
Wet and Snowy conditions are expected in the Northwest as more storms begin to come back to the area.
The Southwest should remain dry for the rest of this winter.
In a winter of craziness, a normal period may come to settle in the Rockies and west Plains.
Don’t forget to vote on the poll on the left sidebar and watch for the Spring forecast coming in early to mid February.
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