>Northeast, South may be hit again with a storm.


The Northeast is indeed under fire for the potential of a winter storm. In this in-depth analysis, we will review the latest data and what temperatures may be to determine precipitation type.
Above is the image for 3 days from now. We can see a low pressure deepening as it moves from the Southeast to the East Coast and begins to slide up the coast.
This does provide some interest for a potential South winter storm, so we will take a look at forecast weather from the NWS.
The above image is Tuesday morning. We see that much of the South will be much engulfed in rain. Areas in Tennessee will be mixed with snow and icy conditions may come together.
Above, 24 hours later, the storm begins to deepen and strengthen and move off the Southeast coast, rain will pretty much dominate the South. Snow will spread over the Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia areas.

Below is the storm as it moves along the East Coast. By now it is very strong, pulling moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. The question is also here about what form of precipitation this will be for the Northeast.

Looking at charts that cannot be posted on here, it appears that precipitation will be a mix only RIGHT on the coast, with heavy snow in areas elsewhere, including New York City.
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