>Midwest/ East Coast Storm Update 1/6/11 morning



ECMWF- Shifted slightly north overnight.

GFS- A bit more southerly than the ECMWF.
NOGAPS- Starts out a bit more northerly than Euro, then shoots up into New England on land, giving Midwest snow.
CMC- Takes NOGAPS solution.
DGEX- Takes NOGAPS solution.
GFS Ensemble- 8/12 predict storm to take NOGAPS solution.
ATTM… This is a hard decision. ECMWF has been leading the pack recently, but GFS has been straying south of the Euro. Will take a ECMWF/NOGAPS solution. Storm looks like a toss-up right now.
ECMWF- No storm.
GFS Ensemble- 12/12 going out to sea.
GFS- Likes the Coast Hugger idea storm.
DGEX- Half Inland, Coast-Hugger Storm.
NOGAPS- Nor’ Easter occurs.
CMC- Coast-Hugger Storm.
ATTM… Although the ECMWF is a reputable model, it is the only one with that type of solution. In that case… will take the GFS model track.
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