>Your Weather Today: January 1st

>Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to Your Weather Today, where we tell you about today’s weather across the nation.

Let’s start with yesterday’s trouble spot, the Midwest. Today, the low pressure system causing the snow and rain in the Midwest and Plains will move off into Canada, leaving mostly sunny skies across much of the region with colder temperatures.
In the Plains, temperatures will be cooler, as the snowpack on the ground influences the cooler air across the region. However, in the Upper Plains into the Upper Midwest, snow showers can be expected, tapering off as the day goes on.
Into the Northwest, high pressure will keep the area high and dry. Mountain snows can be expected in the far reaches of the Northwest in the Rockies, as well as down south into the California mountains.
Down in the Southwest, a low pressure system off the West Coast will influence the chances of precipitation, especially in the California mountain areas in the far north region of the state and coast-side. Rain will be a factor in central California. High pressure will keep the New Mexico-Arizona areas dry, but lingering clouds are likely from the low pressure.
For the Southcentral US, high pressure will dominate the region as storms move off east. Expect sunny skies with lingering clouds.
Off in the Southeast, a cold front associated with the low pressure in the Midwest will be slicing into the region. Strong storms with isolated severe cells can be expected. The main threats are isolated tornadoes and high winds. These storms will occur in the Mississippi Alabama area. On the East Coast portion of the Southeast, expect overcast skies with storms moving in early morning.
Finally, into the Northeast, rain and embedded storms can be expected as the cold front works its way east. The farther east you are, the less clouds and precipitation are anticipated.
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