>Christmas Storm Snow Forecast GFS


Click on the blue box closest to where you live, and wxcaster will provide you with your next 5 days of snow.
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6 Responses to >Christmas Storm Snow Forecast GFS

  1. >Hi AndrewI live in the Peoria Illinois area and your leading graphic has West Central, North Central, and South Central Illinois in the area labeled Major Storm Totals. The GFS forecast snow totals according the the 18z run, are for these area's to receive 1 – 2 inches on average, with higher totals in South Central Illinois. I personally feel the GFS is being down playing the actual amounts and I am assuming you are as well since you have these same areas labeled as Major Storm totals. Can you further explain your thoughts regarding this?Thanks

  2. Andrew says:

    >I believe that, if you live in Central Illinois, you will receive at least 4 inches. You're definitely in for snow out of this storm.

  3. Andrew says:

    >However, in Peoria, I think it might be a bit edgy. I know it's going back on the earlier comment, but i think you ought to get 4-6''. The new model runs are surfacing, and we'll know more as they come out.

  4. >I can agree with that, as I said, I believe the 18z GFS snow model was underplaying it. I am waiting for the 0z models to fully post. I liked the Sunday 18z model better, as it had us getting 15"! i will settle with 5", as I believe that is what we will get. I am curious as to thunderstorm development south of us and how that will feed into the system. Henry from accuweather brought up a good point about that.

  5. >keep up the good work! I enjoy the site

  6. Andrew says:

    >I had early thoughts on the Sunday output right away that it might be a dud. But it was consistent, and I'll admit I went along with it. So much for that. Thanks for your support!

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