>12 Hour Forecasts

>For 12 hours in advance, the cold front works its way through the South, while high pressure settles over the Gulf of Mexico. Mountain snow and rain in lower elevations continues, very heavy in many occasions.
1 day from today, the Plains will be in a nice lull as the precipitation continues in the West Coast. Low pressure moves onshore in the Southeast, with rain on the east side of the low.
36 hours in the future, The Rockies continue to be battered by precipitation on the West Coast. The low pressure in the Southeast is gone out to sea, as the cold front has stalled right off the Gulf Coast.
2 Days in advance, Up in New England, there is no precipitation, but it will be windy. The cold front off the Gulf of Mexico finally starts to move away from the South. The precipitation finally starts to die down in the Rockies as the low moves away into Texas and Oklahoma, producing heavy precipitation.

Images from HPC
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