>Christmas Storm In-Depth Analysis


below image from wxcaster

It’s small, so I’ll explain the colors.

Yellow: 3-4”
Light Green: 4-5”
Dark Green: 5-6”
Grey: 6-8”
Dark Blue: 8-10”
Light Blue: 10-12”
Red-Pink: 12-15”
While the storm is fairly far away, the weather world has been predicting this one for at least the last 3 days. That’s 12 model runs. 12 opportunities for the storm to change. But it didn’t. Based on that ALONE, it’s a good idea to mention it. Besides, who wouldn’t want a snowstorm on Christmas? (Other than travelers.)
So the GFS is printing out high totals. It has been exaggerated before, but the below image will change your mind. It is an image for the Christmas time period.
And there could be more. To find the amount of snow from a color, multiply the number on the legend by 10 for your average snow amount.
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