>December 15-16 GL Snowstorm Bulletin

>The Weather Centre Snow Bulletin
December 15-16 Snowstorm
Issued Dec. 12th 9:51am

A Snow Bulletin has been issued for the Lower Great Lakes for the possibility of a snowstorm.

Surface Forecast indicates low pressure moving SE from Canada in 12z Thursday going through N. IL area. Dry Slot potential in central IL, North IL if track plays out. This low pressure system will be called LP1.
Also, potential for double-impact. Low pressure will mve through Kentucky/Tennessee with pressure of 1008mb. This Low Pressure will be called LP2.
LP2 will keep south enough so main impacts will land on Central IL. LP1 should add to impact in Central IL, also bringing a batch of snow up to the Upper Midwest.
GFS Indicating LP1 mainly impacting East IA with single band of heavy snow. However, LP1 will also then strengthen temporarily, impacting Central IL with a wintry mix. LP1 will then combine with LP2, which will move offshore.
ATTM, will outline snowstorm risk for Cntrl IA. Will also outline Wintry Mix risk in Cntrl IL.
However, system is still 4 days away. Change is likely.
Next bulletin will be issued this afternoon. Risk images may be found on the Storm Tracker page.

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