>December 12th GL storm

>CMC- The CMC model is indicating a track that would be favorable for heavy snow from Chicago to Madison, WI or Rhinelander, WI. Thickness fine.

NOGAPS- The NOGAPS also indicates a favorable track for this event.
NAM- The NAM shows the track up in Wisconsin, favoring snow for the N. Wisconsin areas.
GFS- The GFS favors a track slicing through Chicago, but with thickness allowing heavy snow.
WRF- The WRF likes the storm to go up into Wisconsin as well, with rain into Chicago.
CPC- The CPC indicates heavy snow on Dec. 12 for the Lower GL.
NWS- NWS indicates several inches.
Accuweather- Indicating 2-6 inches.
GFS Ensemble 1- The ensemble indicates possibility of heavy precip in Lower GL, likely heavy precip in Canada by the Eastern GL.
GFS Ensemble 2- Out of 12 ensemble members, most of them prefer to go through Illinois with fine thickness, giving Chicago heavy snow and Wisconsin.
UKMET- The UKMET indicates the low going through Central Ill. Thickness fine.
WXMAPS Meteogram- Rain to Snow. Unknown accumulation.
HPC- Unknown
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