>Significant East US Snowstorm on the way.

>I now have enough confidence to believe that this storm will take shape. I just ran the newest models.

Well, the ensembles showed the thickness line staying below the Chicago, Madison, Quad Cities area for precip, but affecting the Chicago Milwaukee area more than the other Midwest cities.
The precip featured is forecast to be heavy.
But I want to put an emphasis on how hard the areas such as Kentucky may be hit.
The colors on the ensembles are green and yellow. I haven’t seen that on an ensemble before.
I encourage that area to prepare for a blasting of rain.
So, in summary, Chicago and Milwaukee should prepare for disrupting snow, while Kentucky and Tennessee areas should prepare for a blasting of rain.
The CMC shows the thickness line too close for comfort as the system barrels through. However, then the thickness will fall and change to heavy snow. RH will be sustained.
The GFS indicates that the low will dive much farther south and barely affect the GL areas. But it will be a monster when it impacts the Southern area in that time period, IF it affects them.
The NOGAPS indicates the thickness line extremely close to Chicago. But then changing to Snow.
Updates later.
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