>Potential GL Snowstorm Models

>This is the models and ensemble updated run for the possible GL snowstorm.

Before we start, this is a lot of controversy. The models say it’ll be a nice storm, but the sites say it’ll be light snow. This is a tough one. The storm is forecast for Thursday into Friday.
Models by e-WALL.
The CMC model says that Milwaukee and Chicago will be hit nicely, spot on, with the same set-up that occurred with yesterday’s storm. The thickness is fine, the relative humidity mainly centered over Chicago, IL and Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Relative humidity is meant to show where the water droplets are most heavy and able to form precipitation in clouds.
The GFS model says that North Illinois and Wisconsin will get the worst of the storm, but the relative humidity will be maximized in Wisconsin and the east half of Illinois.
Thickness will be acceptable.
The NOGAPS indicates that the storm will completely miss the area and come through as weak snow showers way up north in the high Upper Midwest. Relative Humidity will be too scarce as well.
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