>Potential GL Snowstorm Bulletin

>Good morning! This is the offshoot post from the original post last night on the Greenland Blocking Pattern.

So, the models are indicating some precip is on the horizon.
So we’ll start off with 12 ensemble members.
12 out of 12 ensembles indicate PRECIPITATION occurring.
10 out of 12 ensembles indicate SNOW occurring.
2 out of 12 ensembles indicate a WINTRY MIX occurring.
Chance of PRECIPITATION: 100%
Chance of SNOW: 83%
Chance of WINTRY MIX: 17%
So the chances are pretty good for snow, and there is that chance of a wintry mix. Let’s find out what other weather sites are saying.
Wunderground: Fair chance of light snow.
Intellicast: Snow showers at times.
Weather.com: A few snow showers.
Accuweather: Snow possible, Accumulations about an inch.
NWS: Chance of accumulating snow on Thursday. (That usually means some sort of snowstorm.)
So the sites did change up their forecasts so that the chances of this occurring are slightly greater.
Updates later.
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