>Potential Snowstorm Lower GL Update #1.2


I know this is an excessive number of updates, but Accuweather has published some interesting news.

So the image above, i think i’m going to argue on.
The models I checked out all said Chicago would get about the equal intensity as the areas in the opaque outline in the above picture.
If it were me, I would stretch that line out a bit towards Chicago.
The following are excerpts from Accuweather.com
“Several inches of snow will fall from part of North Dakota Friday to northern Illinois during Saturday.”

The exact track of the storm will determine who gets the “lollipop” as far as snowfall is concerned. A jog farther north or south would shift the steady, moderate snow area.

However, at this time, it does appear the storm will track a bit farther south than suspected earlier this week, perhaps sparing Detroit and Cleveland from an accumulation.

At present, it appears Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis and Nashville would slide underneath the snow and end up on the milder side of the storm. Even so, the situation still bears watching.

No doubt some snow would survive the trip into the central Appalachians and a mixture of rain and wet snow could even reach part of the mid-Atlantic coast by Sunday.

People downwind of the Great Lakes will need their snow shovels even if they miss the weekend snowstorm, as lake-effect snow aims to drop feet of snow on the traditional areas.

Potential Chicago Lake-Effect

A northeast flow in the wake of the storm could set up a band of heavy lake-effect snow in theChicago and Milwaukee area Saturday afternoon and night.

So even though these areas may miss the “sweet spot” of the storm, shovels and plows may be busy anyway trying to clear 6 inches of the white stuff.

So there you have it from Accuweather.

Accuweather predicting 6 inches of snow in Chicago and more where the worst occurs.

Update #2 tomorrow.

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