>Potential Snowstorm Lower GL 12/04

>This is a post for a Potential Snowstorm in the Lower Great Lakes on December 4th.

So, I checked the NWS forecast who are saying that snow is likely in that time period.
So I decided to keep a count of who says snow on Dec. 4th and who doesn’t.
Snow-No snow will be how it is counted. So it’s 1-0.
Then I checked Accuweather. They said snow for the night of Dec. 3rd. So I’ll go with that as snow. The NWS says the same thing. Count is now 2-0.
Intellicast is reporting only snow showers will be possible on Dec. 3, with chances just above 50%. I’ll take that as a no. The count is 2-1.
Weather.com is saying a 60% chance of snow showers on Saturday. The NWS is saying 60% as snow likely, so they’ll fall into that category. 3-1.
The WRF is clearly indicating an Alberta Clipper with quite some steam to slice right through Chicago. After that, lake effect snow will take control over all the Great Lakes.
The GFS is indicating that the Clipper will come through as well, but it is maximizing the lake effect snow.
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