>Ensemble 2 1/2 days

>Good evening! Well, I managed to find a LOT of ensembles which will definitely aid me in providing the most accurate forecast to you.

So, I ran an ensemble for the precip for the next 2 and a half days.

There are two models – the WRF and the AVN (NCEP).

About a day or so from now, the WRF has the front dissipate a bit quicker than the AVN shows it dissipating.

Also, 2 days from now, the WRF has a low in the Northwest pull in more organized than the AVN projects it to.

In the end of the run, both models show the low to be somewhat weak as it’s over the Northwest.

What do I think?
Well, the AVN was more detailed in the line of thickness, so i’m veering towards that the low will weaken as it moves onshore.

Updates possible tomorrow.

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