>GFS model Runs


I will be posting potential storms for the Great Lakes strictly unless there is a strong storm occurring.
So, let’s get on with it.

I believe that in the next couple days, there will be a wintry mix of a storm on the 25th. I think it will be mostly rain, but ice pellets may occur due to the closeness of thickness.
A more important event will occur on the 5th of December. Before I explain, it is essential for you to know that this is on the GFS long range model, and it is unlikely that it will stay relatively the same.
So on December 4th into 5th, in the wake of a strong low pressure, snow may occur. The thickness will be fine for snow to occur. Accumulations I would estimate at maximum 6 inches.
On December 9th, an even more important event may take place. This is the furthest out the model can go, so I wouldn’t count on it too much until a couple days before.
But right now, the GFS is saying that a possibly significant snowstorm could erupt in the Great Lakes. Accumulations could be well beyond 6 inches. It is hard to tell.

There is essentially only one thing to say: Throughout the next couple weeks, low pressure systems will go through the Central US. Cold fronts will spurt squall line-type storms in every event. They appear to have the possibility to train (stay in one place for a long time) and create dangerous flooding conditions.

For the next two weeks, mostly, some minor storms will come through, even a major storm will go through.
But they will mostly intensify in the Central US.
That’s about it for now.
More updates tomorrow, mostly individually.
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