>Potential Great Lakes Snow Update #6

>Good evening everyone! So, it’s been 4 hours since I last updated you guys and gals with the latest GFS run. Well, it’s been updated again, so here I am to break the news to you.

So, let’s start off with who’s supposed to get the worst of this.
The thickness will be right all over the Lakes, so no worries for ice and/or rain.
WISCONSIN!!! They will be receiving the brunt of the snow.
I cannot find an accumulation map so far in the future, so i’ll estimate that this could be a pretty nice storm. Maybe 6 inches in the Wisconsin area, 8 inches in some spots.
The NWS forecast itself is honestly putting itself in to my forecast.
I did not look at it before I issued all these updates.
Anyways, continuing, I guess thickness does not create all the confidence.
By the way, Wisconsin people, expect freezing rain up north. Watch out.
This has been the 6th update to the possible Great Lakes snow event. Tomorrow morning, there will be another update.
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