>November 12th 2010 Winter Storm Set-up Upper Midwest

>This is the Official Winter Briefing for the Upper Midwest winter storm.

Below is our first graphic from the National Weather Service. We can see how heavy the snow is. The pink areas are heaviest, and lesser amounts in purple.

Below is the National graphic for today from the HPC; part of the NOAA. We can see the low pressure is right there, providing the energy. I’ll be honest, this is possible snow day material, and definitely snow fort material.

Below is the chance today for 4 inches of snow or more from the HPC. The red means likely 4 inches, maybe 5. The green area is probably a max of 4 inches, and blue people can expect a max of 3 inches.

Below is a HPC graphic of 8 inches or more. In the green areas, I would expect about 6 inches. In the blue, I would expect 4 inches, 5 max.

So, as a wrap-up, this storm will produce possibly significant accumulations in Duluth. This is the only briefing.
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