>Winter Forecast issues?

>Hello everyone. This post is important, because I have reviewed many sites, and a couple major sites are creating questions about this winter. Let me settle these fears.

First off is the Farmers Almanac. They have forecasted a Cold and Very Snowy winter across the Midwest. Mild and wet conditions are forecast throughout the Northwest. Average precip and cold temps across the East. Mild and Average precip across the Southwest. However, they are saying a Cold and wet winter for the Southeast and South Central area. This is in conflict with the Accuweather Forecast which we will talk about next. They got the first 3 days of November wrong, so that takes away a bit of confidence.
Accuweather has forecasted the Heaviest snow to fall across the Great Lakes. It says a dry and warm winter through the South, with wet conditions across the Northwest. Very cold temperatures possible in the Northeast and an Icy Zone in the Central US moving east to the Carolinas. I think that, due to the historical accuracy and even predicting the New England Snowmaggedon down south, The Farmers Almanac SHOULD be chosen. HOWEVER, Accuweather also predicted the Snowmaggedon. I would feel more comfortable with the Farmers Almanac at this time.
Our next topic will be The Weather Channel’s winter forecast. This one I think is outrageous due to its huge indifferences to the other sites. They are proposing below average snow and above average everywhere else in the South, more in the way of general precipitation. This said, I analyzed an accuracy rate for several sites. The Weatehr Channel fared more in the middle while sites like the NOAA and Accuweather etc. edged out the site. I will lean towards the other sites in this case.
The next site will be the NOAA. They are the main source of info. Their forecast usually consists of the most data. They predict a heavy precip winter across the SouthCentral and East Great Lakes. They predict a dry south precip winter with a wet winter in the Northwest. Temperature wise, the entire South 2/3 of the US will get warmer temps with the north parts of the US in a cooler state. I think the NOAA will get this forecast very well just because they have a lot of data in store, and they are the centers of the weather world.
The next topic will be the other Almanacs.The first will be the OLD farmer’s almanac, not to be confused with the Farmers Almanac. The OLD farmer’s almanac says below normal snow likely in the Northeast and North Central areas, however, New York says a above normal snow season. They appear to have only a 27% rate of success. I will not accept their forecast.
That’s about it. This information may be used to edit the winter forecast.

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