>2010-2011 USA Winter Forecast 3rd version

>Hello everyone. This is the official 2010-2011 Winter Forecast, the 3rd version for the USA.

This will replace the 2nd version on the USA Winter page.

Our first area, the Northwest, is not revised too much. We still expect it to be a stormy winter with not much in the way of snow. Much more rain. However, in addition to the snow in the mountains, areas relatively in or close to mountains should expect some snow and even sleet at times.

I Expect much flooding in these areas as well.

This area, the Great Lakes, was not changed too much. I revised the lake effect snow to put more areas within its boundaries. I am confident that this was a very true revision that needed to be made. The Heaviest Snow zone remains the same, but i do expect some conflict out west with the Lake effect snow and the Icy Zone. I expect a bit more ice in the lake zone out west, with still increased snow.

Everyone else in the Heaviest Snow zone should still prepare for a very harsh winter.

For people in the Dakotas, i lessened the range of the Heaviest Snow range and pulled it back. I also added a bit more range into the Icy Zone out west as well.

In our last area, I made quite a few revisions. I boosted up the Icy Zone range into New England in the southern area. The orange area means the Heaviest Snow zone. I extended it into this area because of the Canadian winter snow forecast. It expects heavy snow in areas like this. So, I modified it for that situation. Temperature swings still expected in the Icy Zone, probably affecting all of New England in the process.

For our summary, I did expand the Dry and Warm zone a bit farther into the Carolinas. The Icy Zone was brought up to New England, and Even a bit on the Northwest was expanded out towards the east. The Heaviest snow zone was drawn back a bit out of the Dakotas. Alaska was officially stated as ‘Very Cold’, especially in early 2011. Potentially tornadic situation setting up in the East Texas area to Florida region. Thanks for viewing this.
A 4th version MAY come out. If it does, do not expect big revisions.
Thanks for viewing this!!
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