>2010-2011 Europe Winter Forecast


(Updated November 2nd, 2010)

Hello everyone. This is the 2010-2011 Winter Forecast for Europe. This graphic by Accuweather.

So, as we can see, much of Europe will get a well deserved break. Some of the areas up north were blasted last year over and over again. This year, the blasting stops…for you guys. For the Southern Europeans, the Worst of the winter will flush into the area, with Bitter cold and Heavy snow. yes, Snowday material. I predict potentially record breaking snowfalls in the center and north of the ‘worst of winter’ area.
So, what does Northern Europe get this year? I predict, based on this graphic, that North Europe will get a milder winter with not as much snow. I do anticipate some heavy snowstorms, but not as many as last year. Maybe even a few temperature swings. But nothing in the way of any superstorms. Again, the probability of a few snowstorms is high. But several like last year is looking more and more bleak.
Out in Western Europe is the colder areas. Not the worst cold, but still cold. Not anticipating the worst snow, but maybe a bit above average or just on average. I predict maybe a couple days where the records for temperature could be broken, emphasize COULD.
In conclusion, South Europe will get cold. Southeast Europe will get the harsh hand of winter, while the West part gets chilly. Up North, the entire area gets a break from the terrible winter from last year. Not as cold, and not as snowy.
Thanks for viewing the 2010-2011 Europe Winter Forecast. This will be the ONLY Europe forecast unless any major changes are made. Below is MY summary for this winter.
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