>2010-2011 Canada Winter Forecast


(Updated November 2nd, 2010)

Hello all! Today we will be reviewing the Canadian winter this year. Thanks to Accuweather for providing information.

Let’s focus in on the Southern portion of Canada. The populated regions, such as Toronto, are in store for above average snow. Other areas to the west will also recieve aboveaverage snow. In some areas, the above average will turn to heaviest snow range. I got a graphic from Accuweather.com for their look on the forecast.
Accuweather is a reliable resource. However, I’m going to argue that the area lining the New York-Ohio area will also be in the Much Above range. As you can see, in the middle, there will be near normal conditions. Slightly below? Slightly above? Nope, just normal. Even the Northern US Plains is on track for a normal winter.
Also in the southern Canada regions we see some Below Normal snowfall. That is not something I’m going to argue with, particularly due to the fact there is nothing to argueabout against this.
In US Alaska, Much below normal snowfall. Sorry kids, notmany snowdays this year, if any.
Focusing now to Northern Canada, we’ll start off with the… well, there’s only one thing to say about it. The entire Northern Canada area will either be normal, below normal, or much below normal. The below normal areas reside off the East coast of Canada, as well as up north by Denmark. Or Greenland. Whichever you prefer. Below is MY snowfall map.
Let’s start off with the most surprising fact: The same area in the Much Above snowfall is in the Above Normal temperatures! Why?? Because Canada is colder than the US. Don’t worry, Northern US kids, my forecast will stay the same despite this. I am expecting temperature swings in Canada due to the Above Normal snowfall.
Turning to the East Coast, we see bits and pieces of above normal temperatures. No arguments there.
Up by Alaska, Much Below normal temperatures. And, seeing as how cold it can get, well, let’s just say that frostbite’ll be as common as the common cold. The areas surrounding Alaska bathed in Below Normal temperatures, likely caused by polar winds shifting to allow absolutely frigid air to sweep through.
Thanks for viewing the 2010-2011 Canada Winter Forecast. This will be the ONLY forecast for Canada unless there are major changes.
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