>2010-2011 Winter Forecast: Icy Zone

>Hello everyone! This time, we’ll be focusing in on the ‘Icy Zone’ mentioned in the first official post.

Now, this is a crucial zone in this winter. It is possibly the most dangerous section of this winter.
The Icy Zone is aptly named- It will contain at least a few ice storms. Whenever there’s ice storms, there’s school closings. So kids in Lower New England through the nation’s midsection across most of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, South Dakota and Missouri can expect a snowday or two.

The Icy Zone will have extremely intense temperature swings. This is due to the warm and cold air masses colliding, hence the Icy Zone name. To many kids, it would seem like the Icy Zone is the best place to be for snowdays. You are pretty much incorrect. If you’re well inside the Heaviest Snow zone, you can expect more snowdays than the Icy Zone. If you’re close to the border of the Icy Zone and still inside the Heaviest Snow, you can expect abundant snow and licks of warm and cold at times.

Travelers beware- The Icy Zone will be an absolute nightmare, when -Not IF; WHEN- ice storms arrive. Thus, schools will close. Going back to the weather, temperatures in the 60s will happen, as well as temperatures in the 20s at times.

Thank you for viewing. Our Next post will be about the Heaviest Snow zone. Be sure to tune in for that.

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