>Special Weather Watch (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma

>A Special Weather Watch (SWW) Has been issued for the following areas:

-East Central Texas
-North Louisiana
-Eastern Louisiana
-Western Tennessee
-Western Kentucky
-West Central Indiana
-South Central Indiana
-Central Illinois
-Southern Illinois
-Southeastern Missouri
– Central Arkansas
-Southern Arkansas
-East Arkansas
-Southwest Arkansas
At 11:35am CDT, storms were beginning to form in the following areas:
-Eastern Arkansas
-Western Tennessee
These storms are moving North Northeast and developing in a squall line-like formation. However, they are not that strong yet.
The areas mentioned in this Special Weather Watch are under a slight risk of severe storms- thus, the watch was put into effect.
People in these areas should keep an eye on the sky and bring outdoor objects inside.
Potential threats include damaging winds, small hail, and cloud to ground lightning as well as heavy rain.
This watch will expire at approximately 12:00am Monday, October 25th 2010.
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