>Special Weather Warning (Illinois)

>For today into tomorrow, heat indices will be 100-110 with temperatures in the low 90s.
Here are several tips to stay healthy.

Check on the elderly.
Drink plenty of water.
Stay inside when possible.
If you must be outside, take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.
When taking breaks outside, try to stay out of the sun.
Don’t do strenuous activity for over 30 minutes without frequent breaks and continuous hydration.
Wear light clothing.
If myou feel dizzy, light-headed, weak, nauseous, or anything unusual, immediately find a rest area inside and immediately drink water.
When outside, do not eat a high amount of salty foods, alchohol, or anything that can de-hydrate you.
See a doctor if any unusual conditions in your body continue for over 24 hours after continuous hydration and inside air conditioning.
Make sure you have proper air conditioning at all times.
If you have no air conditioning, find a cooling center or use fans with a lot of water.

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