>Special Weather Advisory (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin)


A Special Weather Advisory has been issued for the following areas:

– Northwest Illinois
– Iowa
– Southwest Minnesota
– SouthEast South Dakota
– Southeast Nebraska
– Northeast Kansas
– North Missouri
– Extreme Southwest Wisconsin

At 8:22am CDT, radar continued to indicate strong to previously severe storms in the above areas. Not all areas stated above previously experienced severe storms, however.
These storms were moving northeast relatively slowly.

Caution: These storms are developing in an area the Storm Prediction Center has outlied to be a ‘Slight Risk Area’ for Severe thunderstorms today.
However, not all above areas are included in the slight risk area.

The strongest storms are in the following areas:
-North Missouri
-Northeast Kansas
-Northwest Illinois

People in the following areas are advised to secure outdoor objects:
-South Dakota
-Southeast Nebraska

People in the following areas should secure outdoor objects and turn on a radio or local TV station:

– Extreme Southwest Wisonsin
– Northwest Illinois

People in the following areas are advised to secure outdoor objects, turn on a local TV station or radio, and prepare to seek immediate shelter if needed:

-Northwest Missouri
-Southeast Iowa

The following are the areas metioned in this advisory and their expiration times for this advisory:

-Wisconsin: 10:00am CDT
-Missouri: 11:00am CDT
-Kansas: 10:30am CDT
-Minnesota: 9:20am CDT
-Nebraska: 9:10am CDT
-South Dakota: 9:20am CDT
-Iowa: 10:30am CDT
-Illinois: 10:00am CDT

However, despite these times, more storms may occur in one of the above areas that may require a time extension or an entirely new advisory/watch/warning.

It is possible for these areas to remain under the Special Weather Advisory and also be issued a Special Weather Warning.


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