Notice (October 14, 2012)

Blogger has deleted my statistics on the Blogger site, so I am making preparations to move here if my stats are not restored by Tuesday at 6:00 AM CT.



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Until Further Notice…

This blog will NOT become the primary blog on June 1st.
At a later date, possibly in September, more consideration may be made about a transition.

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April 14-16? 2011 Winter Storm System

There is potential for a winter storm system to occur in the North Plains and into the Midwest.

On April 14, a strong low pressure system will slide across the nation’s midsection. This low pressure system will be producing abundant precipitation. Just for show, an additional trough will be pulled by the low pressure system to create more precipitation.

That low pressure system will pull down the jet stream to open up a flow of cold Canadian air into the North Plains. That said, there is now a chance for abundant snowfall to occur. According to the NAM, potentially over a foot of snow could occur.

On the east side of the precipitation will be more of a rain situation, affecting cities such as Chicago, Madison and potentially even St. Louis.

The low will then push into Illinois. High pressures will collapse southward and keep the cold air around the North Plains.

So overall, there is a chance for a snowstorm in the North Plains and a rain event in the Great Lakes.

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April 11 5-Day Forecast

Going into tomorrow, we can expect some fluctuating strength storms to move east into the Appalachians. These storms will not have a big severe weather threat.

There will be some showers in the Plains and into the Rockies. It is possible the Rockies could experience some snow showers.

As we progress farther into the week, a weak disturbance will provide some rain in the southern portions in the affected areas, such as North IL and into Iowa. However, In South Wisconsin, there is potential for that to be mixed with freezing rain or snow.

In the way of storms, there is some potential for severe storms in Iowa judging by composite radar reflectivity. However, no outbreaks are expected. The main threat, should there be severe storms, would be heavy rain. CAPE values are not high enough to prompt any concern.

That piece of storms would then move in to the WI/IL border. Then another section of precipitation would develop, more abundant than the first and assisted by a band of precip coming from Canada through the Plains and Rockies. Should there be a severe threat, it would be heavy rains again.

That said, there is a bit of concern for flooding in the Iowa area.

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Poll Posted on the Blogspot Weather Centre

A poll has been posted on the original Weather Centre at
Please vote on this poll to show whether you like this blog or would rather see the original Blogspot stay.

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This blog will become fully functional on June 1.

Until then, the blogspot blog will continue to assume full control of the posts from The Weather Centre.

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New Tornado Watch up in Michigan

Tornado Watch #121 has been issued for North Michigan in the ‘Mitten’. People in this area can expect potential tornadoes, damaging winds and hail. This watch expires at 2 am EDT.

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